Monday, 6 February 2017

"Life- A Roller Coaster"

Those days when sun burned, I adored crimson red.
It reminded me of the time when heart was free and mind was no longer bounded
in the shackles of untold misery; Good night’s sleep, peaceful surroundings, and mother’s lap.
What else can toddler expect?

It was 2+2=4 (simple equation); Nobody demanded proof of existence.
Mind didn’t search for an alternative- It was good to cry out loud and bury the pain at once.
To fight over little things and feeling dejected when life threw back- It was an open live show.

Now, when the equation has turned complex,
heart is bound in the shackles of untold misery.
It’s been ages since I guffawed- Somewhere between keeping up with the world and making up for lost things, shit happened- Life.
It’s been ages since I cried out loud to express my feelings- Somewhere between burning on an edge to burning from inside, shit happened- Life.

I used to hate being a loner; I had friends to play with.
Now, loneliness is my only friend- Time burns and so does the goodness.
It’s been ages since someone asked about me- Somewhere between stepping stones and building bridges, shit happened- Life.
It’s been ages since I revealed my true emotions- Somewhere between learning life hacks to getting pragmatic, shit happened- Life.

I crave for the time when I was toddler,
it’s long gone yet the vague hope makes me smile.
Somewhere between spending money to earning money, I realised one thing- All that glitters is not gold.
And somewhere between being innocent to being mature, shit happened- Life.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

"Lover's Letter"

It was a crimson morning- The look you gave when our eyes first met.
My pale cheeks turned red- The moment you came close and held my hand.
It was summer, yet it rained- The moment you whispered- I Love You in my ears.
Time burned and so does the sun but I was burning on the edge of something beautiful- Your love.

The sweet promises while watching an early sunrise- I will never let you go.
The tender pecks while walking on a beach- I will grow old with you.
The gentle kiss while dancing in the rain- Marry me!

It’s October (fall) yet my love is still growing strong.
Nights without you are meaningless- Shining dew drops are closer than bright sun.
Oh! My love, why can’t we float in the steamy froth together?
Let me taste the caffeine (kiss of your love) once again- I am addicted.

In the night under starry skies,
Let me hold u tight- I love you like there is no tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

“Ode to Mother”

I came on the land of dark knights,
I wanted to escape but I was too feeble,
I cried for help but the world around me laughed.

I wanted to escape from the shackles of unknown relationships;
I didn’t know the meaning of love, until I met you Mother.

There was something in you that pacified my soul,
the moment when you held me into your arms.

I was afraid of the darkness but my fears were long gone,
the moment you became my pillow tight.

Mother, you held my hand when odds were against me.
I longed for freedom but you guided me like an unerring light;
I turn back and realize how fortunate I had been.

You surpassed every winter and never complained,
At times, when I was rude- you were still so patient.

Mother, I don’t know if any antidote could repay this lifelong debt,
but having you as my mother, is probably the best thing that has ever
happened to me.

I know that I have many flaws; you often complain that
I don’t speak my heart out,
but you are flawless, Mother.

I love you unconditionally,
but it’s just that, the words are not enough to describe, what you mean to me.

I may not be perfect- not the kind of daughter you always wanted,
but you had always been the Mother that I could ever ask for.

O! Mother, you are the only ocean of my hope,
the only sunshine in my life; your love has given me the new start.

Mother, you are the voice of God.
All these years, you had guided me through the dark;
I would love to sail the world with you forever.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

"Déjà vu"

On the cliff, I stand again,
waiting for the light to come.

I know I am being selfish,
trying to pacify my bruised heart.
My life is taking steep turns;
soul is being torn apart by the tremors of guilt.

If I could get another chance,
to repair what is already been damaged.
I promise, I would fight like a warrior,
and bring home the souvenir of audacity.

I remember those dark days,        
when I was struggling for light to come.
My lost soul trying to find its direction,
and I was bestowed with those scars of failure.

I won’t give up now,
I can feel the pain,
and I can sense the unpredictable.
Oh! I wish this could seize,
to give rest to my tormented soul.

Once again, my life is dismantled.
I can feel the pain, those dark days are back.
It’s nothing but Déjà vu.

Oh! I wish this could be an end,
but here I am, standing so strong.
It’s time to put up a brave strife, once again.

Now, I long for peace,
to strengthen my feeble heart.
I wish, I could erase this Déjà vu
but it goes on, allowing me to recreate history
once again.

Friday, 10 June 2016

"Breaking Dawn"

I am tired walking on countless rocks,
I slip and fall but there is no one to hold my hand,
I manage to surpass every hurdle, yet I fail every day.

My soul is now broken into bits and pieces; Waiting for a silver lining.
Life has lost its direction,
and I am all alone on the path of broken glasses.

No shoulder to cry on; no hand to wipe tears; no one to remove those broken bits of glasses.
There I stand still, my hands tied; I am hanged on a broken glass.
I bear; I tolerate; I smile, yet i fail every day.

I am tired, tired of walking on countless rocks,
I start as an audacious warrior but end up being a stupid mourner;
my days are all dark and grey.

When will my life face a breaking dawn?
If it does, then I would long Forever.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

"Brooklyn Love"

If only i could unleash the future- I would have made u mine once again,
My love is like winter- still growing strong,
It needs no ice- it thaws down when I am in your arms.

I remember, how you proposed me on an Eiffel Tower,
I felt special- It was like eating my favourite chocolate,
The way u bend down on your knees,
You held my hand and gifted me a diamond solitaire,
My heart still beating fast and all i could utter was I Love you.

The Christmas wedding bells added a spunk to the cutest delight,
I wish, I could Marry You then,
Your sweet gesture melted my heart, like heat melts an iceberg,
I was diving in a volcano of love- every turn i took, lead me back to the start.

Your love baby is like a sweet antidote- it keeps me alive,
now, that you are mine- I would love to spend
my summer, winter, and monsoon with you.

Kiss me this Valentines baby,
I miss your gentle touch and warm delight,
Make me yours once again,
Our Brooklyn love is like Cosmo on rocks,
Still addicted, yet so erotic.

Friday, 12 February 2016

"First Rain"

Just when I flicked the calendar leaf,
My eyes got adjusted,
13th Feb, an epic day,
It was like a home coming.

Stefan, do you remember the day?
It was our first date,
I saw you admiring me from the distance,
You never looked so handsome and desirable,
There was something erotic in you that day,
Even the atmosphere played wicked.

Your black-white combo left me jaw dropped,
My senses began to droop down,
Your red effect made me feel the moments of lifetime.

With every step you took, my heart started beating,
My answers were revealed by nature,
It rained and it rained so heavily,
But, you were too hard on your whims,
You managed to surpass that hurdle.

I was in your arms- I didn’t even notice,
I never felt safe like this before,
My body adapted yours,
My soul became your voice,
And every inch you drew me closer made me kiss you even more often.

O! Stefan, you are still on my mind,
your voice was my sweetest delight,
and your love was my pillow tight,
O! Stefan, I still miss that First Rain of our love.